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3 amps per box
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500 tablets per box 10mg
Danabol has a very strong anabolic and androgenic effect giving a great build up of strength and muscle mass in its users.
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Deca Durabolin 3 amps per box
3 amps per box
Deca Durabolin is the brand name for nandrolone decanoate. World wide Deca is one of the most popular injectable steroids.
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250 tablets per box 10mg

Price: �45.00

Anabol 10
500 x 10mg
Anabol or Dianabol are both brand names for Methandrostenolone. it is without a doubt one of the best.generally considered the best mass-builder.
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Your Products Genuine?
Our products are only supplied from government licensed Pharmacies.Any products not manufactured in the country of origin are imported from other Countries under license.There is no possibility of receiving counterfeit goods when purchasing from our website

Q: why are your prices cheaper than most other sites?
The products offered on our site are manufactured and sent from locations where steroids are legal. The majority of our products are also manufactured here therefore there are no black market prices and all products are freely available at the actual market price.We can therefore buy legitimate products in bulk at the lowest possible prices which enables us to pass those savings onto our customers.We are confident that we can match or beat any price on genuine brand name steroids.Many sites may charge substantially higher prices than us.Many do not have access to wholesale suppliers and this of course reflects in their prices.

Q: How do I know this is not a scam?
You can be sure that is a genuine website with genuine products.We are not anonymous unlike many sites that only accept Western Union. For UK customers this is a cop out. Steroid products are legal to import for personal use in the UK and there is no reason to pay anonymously. At buysteroidpills we accept payments by credit card or payments to our bank account.To accept payments by credit card requires id verification and all details will be available to any customers who purchase this way. Our business is aimed at repeat custom and as we can obtain quality products at the best prices we have no need to scam.We are sure that when our customers get a good deal and good service they come back next time and hopefully reccomend us to their friends also.

Q: Are Steroids Legal?
Steroids are classified as Medicine in most countries, and as such you should have a prescription to legally buy them. In Thailand steroids are legal to purchase withouth a perscription which is how we are able to send without a perscription.In the U.K. steroids are a class C drug and are legal to be imported from outside the EU so long as they are for personal use only. Theoreticly the customs should not beable to seize them, unless they are in sufficient quantity as to be deemed as commercial. Large orders are broken down for shipping so this never happens.

Q: What Happens If My Order Is Confiscated?
In the event of an order being seized you will receive a notice of seizure from the customs to notify you. Do not reply to the letter email it to us. Your order will be re-shipped at our own cost to another uncompromised address free of charge.Please note this applies to UK customers only. Customer purchasing from other countries do so at their own risk. To our knowledge no one has ever been prosecuted for ordering steroids in the UK as they are classfied as a medicine.

Q: How Is My Order Shipped?
Depending on where your order is shipped from it will be sent by Standard Registered airmail or by UK 1st class recorded delivery. All orders are sent in a plain package with no indication as to the contents.No customs declaration is needed for small packets sent by registered post .The receiver will need to sign for the packet on receipt. Sorry but We cannot send any parcels unregistered. reserve the right to send all orders packed the way we think is best. We have much experience of exporting these products and as we will always re-send confiscated orders so we obviously aim to get them to our customers first time every time. The sending method will relate to the size and value of the order so we must reserve the right to split large orders into more than one packet if required.

Q: How Long will it take to receive my order?
We aim to ship all orders within 3 days of receiving payment dependant on availability. If an item is not available and we anticipate any possible delay we will notify the customer.No orders will be shipped until all the funds are fully cleared so please do not ask us to send before an e-check or bank payment has cleared. Shipping times to the U.K are on average 7-14�,days but please allow up to 21 days. It is not common for an order to take any longer than this but it can sometimes happen so please do not contact us concerning undelivered items until at least 21 days from dispatch.Once the order is sent we have no control over postal delays public holidays or any other delays in the system.

Q: Can I Track My Order?
The registered airmail service does not include a full tracking service but the item is registered and will require a signature.The items can be traced by the local P.O should an item not be received but this can only be done after 21 days.

Q: Can My Order Be Shipped To A P.O. Box?
Yes, no problem, we can ship to any address but if payment is made by credit card you must include the shipping address on the payment invoice or it will be sent to the registered address of the account holder by default.We can only send to the address specified in the payment so as we can have proof of postage.

Q: Can I Change My Order After Making It?
You may change your order if you require extra products but please remember that we dispatch most items within 24 hours. If your updatted order is not received before your original order is sent you willincur an extra postage fee. If you have not paid for the order and wanto change it place another order and notify us to cancel the previous one.

If your question is not answered here please Contact us. If the question is relating to your order please state your order number

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